ISSUE 036: Agnez Mo

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December is here and we meet again. Weird thing is, I noticed that in past issues this space is used to announce the month. It's finally December -- like you come here just to figure out what month it is. Well I guess if you do, now you know it's December, oh and it's issue 36.

Being the last month of 2018, we at NUDE. have done a little reflection on the past and all the incredible creatives we’ve worked with thus far. More importantly, we have reflected on the amazing support from our fans. As we continue to grow as a publication, we promise to give you our 100% effort in maintaining the quality you expect from us. Sincerely, we thank you for fucking with our vision.

This being said as the weather gets colder, our content only gets hotter. In this issue we sat down with Jimmy Q, Ricky Alvarez, Kenneth Medilo and many others to get some interviews. We also featured Plate Date LA in this issue to give you holiday party ideas!


Stay tuned for our three year anniversary issue coming out next month!