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 B I E L

Issue 041 out now!



I find myself here again, at the finishing stages of the magazine but I never know the right thing to say. As the "Editor in Chief" I'm supposed to say something so magical and perfect that makes you feel inspired enough to start your own magazine. But, fuck it because guess what? Most the time, I don't even want to write in this section but that doesn't make me any more or less qualified for this job or to design this whole fucking magazine myself. I create this magazine because I absolutely love when people are good at what they love – it keeps me going! Ok, I'm done with my rant. Here's my Editor's note. Also, catch me in this issue since the female model that was supposed to be there didn't show (no one's perfect).

– Raylene Pereyra, Editor in Chief



Eats with Trust, San Diego

Take me to with Ozzie Risso in Peru

Andrew Lyko

Declan McKenna

Maddy Deal

Beverly Hills Lingerie

Camille Kostek and many more…

Video by Sean Riller

Song by Darkk Matter and Alison Wonderland