CNCO | 044



This month we featured so many talented people but here’s a few that stood out from our editorials.


Nico Bassill - Tattoo Artist

"When I meditate it's not uncommon for me to repeat a mantra of “I am calm, I am present.” What's funny is that when I am tattooing, I am just that; calm, present and above all, focused. When I’m in the tattoo, I’m energized — I feed off of the creative energy."

Photos by Emma Bella Holley

Kim Rose

"Every piece starts with inspiration. Most times I am flooded with ideas at night, which is why it’s often hard for me to sleep. Emotions, places, architecture, and songs all contribute to my ideas. I adore the sun, but like many fellow artists, I work mainly when the moon is up."

Photos by Drew Castaneda

Giotto Calendoli

"I like to call myself a creative. Since I never studied fashion, I don’t call myself a designer and the same is true when it comes to art."

Photos by Matteo Bianchessi

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