Dominic Ciambrone

038 - OUT NOW!

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As the rain in Los Angeles continues to fall, a new creation emerges in the form of issue 038. Along with the downpour of rain has come a flood of love and support for our publication. We receive emails all day long but one really stood out to us. The email read “I absolutely love Nude Mag and the platform it provides for us creatives. It is a place I can come to discover new artists, grab inspiration and just appreciate others art.” This type of admiration is what keeps us striving to showcase talented and creative individuals all around the world. If you haven’t heard us say it before, we’ll say it again... thank you.


"Eats" with Plate Date

"Take Me to" in Hawaii

"Sounds" from our SoundCloud Playlist

Editorials with Gnash, Kira Kosarin, Cody Saintgnue, Shaun Ross, Sean Martin, and of course, the Shoe Surgeon. Enjoy!