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Editor’s Note:

Sex, work, food, clothes, music – everyone has their own obsession. Most would say that these obsessions can be unhealthy due to their ability to dominate and control our lives. From my point of view, however, I believe that these fixations motivate us to push ourselves in ways we never dreamt of. What are you infatuated with? What can’t you go more than 24 hours without thinking about? I encourage you to pinpoint exactly what that is and use it to better yourself.

In my case, I’m obsessed with the high I get from design. In high school, my classmates in yearbook would pay me to finish their designs –– secretly, it’s all I wanted to do. I’ve always thought in a design manner: buildings, cars, logos, and menu layouts (ever seen the arrow in the FedEx logo?) All of it intrigued me. Little did I know that one day I would turn this fascination for aesthetic into a career. There is a thin line between passion and obsession, very thin, and my passion pushed me to create NUDE. as you know it today.


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