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Photographer | Emilynn Rose

How was the process of getting back into singing? Why did you stop singing in the first place?

NM: Honestly, getting back into music was very unexpected. If it wasn't for The Platinum Life on E!, I wouldn't have even thought to try music one more time. In the early stages of filming the show, the producers pulled me aside and asked me if I'd like to feature my music on an episode. I immediately said no but about two years earlier, I dreaded the notion of releasing music due to my fear of failure and issues with anxiety. They told me to sleep on it and really consider the benefits of showcasing my talent — so, I did just that. I also asked Miguel what he thought, since he executive produced my project and he said you have to do it. This is my platform to show the world I’m more than just a face. We filmed the episode and it was so inspiring. I needed the push and I wouldn't change a thing. 

What’s your heritage? Do you speak any different languages?

NM: I’m Persian, Spanish, Mexican and Native American. No, not fluently, I wish I did.

How did you get into modeling? Did it project you into your current profession? 

NM: I was actually discovered by a photographer at In-N-Out when I was 10 years old — he asked if I was available for catalog work! From catalog shoots, I won the Ecko Unlimited national model search and haven't stopped since. 

What is your favorite genre to sing?
NM: Well, truth be told I love to sing jazz music. I studied jazz and classical music in High School — it’s my absolute favorite genre.

How do you manage your day to day stress?

NM: Working out is my saving grace! It cures my daily stresses, gets my mind focused and keeps my energy high.

Do you have any new projects that you’re working on? 

NM: Just shot a new swimsuit campaign for my 3rd collection with Chynna Dolls Swimwear, which will be released in March. I’m in the very early stages of writing my first book, I’m in acting class full-time and preparing for the release of my music...stay tuned.

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