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Photographer | Frances Haley

First and foremost, how did you get into singing/songwriting?

GH: To be honest, singing wasn’t always something I saw myself doing, I just really enjoyed how it felt. It was probably god-awful at the time, but I just loved to have fun whether I was singing in the car, the shower or along to musicals. When I was 12, I sang with the choir at my church and that’s when things shifted for me. I started playing guitar and teaching myself the basics. Athletics took over most of my teenage years and writing came later, but the passion kept growing until I made the decision to pursue it full-time at the age of 19.

You wrote over 300 songs in 2017, would you say that the discipline and drive developed from being a professional cyclist has bled over into your music career?

GH: It feels like I’ve gone back and forth with this decision in my head a thousand times. Cycling was my world growing up and took me all over. Being able to race at that level was a blessing I'll never forget to appreciate. Things went exactly how I envisioned them, but when I was 19, the passion for music was something I couldn’t ignore. I got to a place where I knew if I didn’t take the chance to follow this path, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. There were some other factors involved with it also – my health being a major one. Competing at the level I was at long term isn’t something I consider to be good for the body. Music was the door that allowed me a very necessary but hard reset. It was time to continue the beautiful journey of life.

You’re currently working on your debut solo project and releasing a single due in April. Anything you can share about the project(s)?

GH: I’m so ready to share this work with everyone, it feels so good! I worked with people on this project that I look up to as artists and human beings alike – souls that I love. A lot of genuine energy went into this project and you can feel that in the music. I believe people will find comfort in these songs.

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What is the story behind the “I AM” tattoo you have on your back?

GH: I believe we are all here for a reason. We are creation and an an extension of whatever higher power you choose to believe in. From a young age I realized you can speak things into existence, learning more every moment. This is all universal law – I AM.

If you could choose any one modern musician to work with today, who would it be and why?

GH: There are so many, but it’s got to be Frank Ocean. He’s channeling everything. There is no gap between the physical and other side for him. For many, I’m sure this can come off as strange/confusing, but music for me is tapping into the source of everything and he does that better than anyone I’ve heard. It feels effortless from him.

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