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Photographer | Mallory Fonner

Stylist | Makenzie McBride

Hair | Bradley Leake

Makeup | Landyn Harrison

You’re an actress first, musician second — what inspired the transfer between the two arts? How do you balance both creative endeavors at the same time?

OH: Music was actually my first love. Singing and performing was engraved in my bones ever since I was little. I started theater in my hometown and equally fell in love with acting. Both arts have turned into insane passions of mine and to partake in both is definitely difficult, but a challenge I was always ready to take on. They're my creative outlets and I'm learning how to not be afraid of letting go, staying curious, traveling and learning about other cultures – all in which has made me a better performer and individual.

You came to Los Angeles at the age of 13 with your family. Were they always supportive of you and your passion in acting?

OH: They've always been supportive of me in anything I wanted to do. I've made up my mind 100 times in deciding what career path I'd like to have and my family has sacrificed so much in order for me to live my best life. It wasn't all that easy moving to another state and transitioning into a whole new life. So I feel very lucky and I’m forever thankful.

Since most of your childhood was being filmed, did you get to have any traditional schooling experience?

OH: My family and I made the official move to Los Angeles when I was about to start high school. Most of my high school experience was homeschooled. However, I was able to go to a couple proms, walk with my cap and gown and accept my diploma when I graduated. Even though I didn't get to traditionally experience high school or graduate with all of my hometown friends, I was still able to attend prom with them. That is hands down one of my favorite memories to this day.

“The comic has been around for decades, so to bring a character to life that has only been seen in a book for so long took a lot of work.”

Your newest project is Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger, a Marvel TV show in which you play superhero Tandy Bowen aka “Dagger”. How did you prepare for this darker and more mature role?

OH: I knew very little about these characters and their story going into this. But, once we started diving in, there was no going back. Tandy was a hard character to understand, let alone empathize with, in order to play her. She's a dark creature with so many layers and dimensions. You can imagine the pressure of playing a Marvel superhero too. The comic has been around for decades, so to bring a character to life that has only been seen in a book for so long took a lot of work. But I'm very confident we found the rhythm of Tandy and who she is. She's still a challenge for me, but I can handle her.

Your new song “Wrong Move” with R3hab and Thrdlife has taken the internet and various music streaming sources by storm. How did this collaboration come about?

OH: R3hab and Thrdlife reached out to me with this track and I instantly fell in love with it. I connected to it on so many levels and had to be apart of the collaboration. I'm also a huge fan of these guys so it was a win-win for me.

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