You are a well sought after DJ who attained some recognition through modeling and have acquired over 260K followers on IG. What about DJing is the most enticing to you?

S The energy is everything. DJing is honestly the most fun I ever have. Playing music that I love and sharing it with others is a special privilege that isn’t taken lightly.

Do you have any go-to artists that you always choose to play during each set?

S Now you’re asking for my secrets! My most favorite artists are Chris Lake, Solardo, Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus, Claptone, Mele, Patrick Topping, Nick Fancciuli, Kyle Watson, Will Clarke, and Seth Troxler.

What can someone who has never seen you mix before, expect during a live performance? What is the vibe of the music you choose to play?

S Funky tribal and deep tech house vibes are always a staple for me, but I always try to read the crowds and make sure they’re having as much fun as I am. The aim of all my sets are to bring happiness to the crowd as a whole.

You have performed all around the world in front of large masses of people. What does it feel like to be “in control” of these individuals with your carefully curated musical selection?

S It's indescribable. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to share what I love, what I have found and what I’ve created with everyone else. It’s truly amazing to be able to shape peoples’ lives for the better through creating and performing the art I love.

You’re currently dating musician Ekali. Do you guys ever hop in the studio and work on music together?

S Honestly, no, we have not hopped in the studio together before although we have both seen each other’s work and obviously heard each other’s music. We are in pretty different genres of music if you will, and we absolutely love and support each other but have yet to work on something together. We do hop on the decks from time to time though!

Aside from DJing, do you have any other creative ventures that you want to carry out? 

S I’m like every hopeful person out there who wants to change the world. To simplify things, I feel a good start is just to be a role model for women across the world – to embrace themselves, their bodies and minds while being confident and strong. Luckily confidence was innate for me, but I do believe everyone has it in them and is capable of the same thing. I want to help bring that strength out. 

We feel as though it is essential as human beings to travel the globe and experience life through different cultures. Do you have any traveling experiences on the road that impacted you for the better? 

S This is such a special subject for me because most of my life is based around travel. I have met my best friends, my boyfriend, my listeners, my mentors and the most incredible people in the world through travel. A few places in particular that are near and dear to my heart are Mexico City, Australia, and Bali.

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