You grew up listening to legendary music and artists like Boyz II Men, Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys––how did they impact you as an artist now?

SC:  It matured my mentality a lot faster than normal. I paid attention to their stories and perspectives as a young girl. As I grew older, it strengthened my lyrics and concepts.

Can you talk about your music journey and how it’s evolved?

SC:  I’ve made music since I was 14, but I really started creating my own sound and world when I moved to LA at 17. Covers helped get my name out there, but my career grew once I started releasing original music. It took a minute to find my circle of creatives whom I trust and who trust in me, but nonetheless, my life and journey has been blessed. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

What tone and mood do you aim for your music to convey?

SC:  I want people to feel whatever it is they want to feel. I try to keep my concepts as vague as possible so everyone can relate in their own way.

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How do you remain classy and sophisticated while still being sexy?

SC:  I was born this way baby. I don’t really try to be any way other than myself. People consider me a lot of things, which is fine––I’m just being myself.

Can you talk about maintaining a close group of supportive friends?

SC:  I’m pretty good at reading people’s intentions. I know who’s real and who isn’t in my life. I’ve gone through enough in my life and career to recognize the difference between someone who wants to see you win and who only sees you when you’re winning.

Tell us about your upcoming performance at Panorama NYC this July.

SC:  I’m super excited for it! It’s my first festival I’m doing outside California, so I’m curious to feel the different energies.

Raylene PereyraComment