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What made you want to create a clothing line for women by women?

SR: I started my brand “By Samii Ryan” in 2009 after graduating high school. I was creating handcrafted feather hair clips, earrings and accessories for my website, as well as traveling and vending various music shows like Bonnaroo, Bamboozle and Vans Warped Tour. I started sending accessories out to women in music when my line was picked up by Nordstrom and has been worn by celebrities and trendsetters. We started a clothing line in November, and now we’re sold in Zumiez nationwide. Life’s pretty crazy, but I feel like my life is finally starting to happen.

You just had your first Samii Ryan x Zumiez event in Philly––what was your vision for it and will you have more events? What made you decide to partner with Zumiez?

SR: Oh yes! We partnered with them, because they’re a big supporter. By Samii Ryan is available in Zumiez online and will be all doors in July. The vision for the event was a girls’ hangout, where I wanted to bring all the girls together. We had oracle readings by my mom, a lip-balm-making station, henna tattoos, a nail bar, braid bar, a metal jewelry stamping, screen printing and a body positivity wall (one of my favorites). Each girl wrote something positive about themselves on a note and put it on the wall. It was amazing and beautiful!

You shoot on 35mm––do you take the photos you’re not modeling in for your website?

SR:  Yes! I shoot the content for By Samii Ryan. I love shooting models. My boyfriend, @evyoptics, is an incredible photographer who basically taught me how to use a camera. Film has been a really fun new passion project of mine.

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You’re very passionate about health and fitness––what’s your favorite cheat meal?

SR:  Dumplings! I swear I could eat dumplings for every single meal, but I’ve always been into health and fitness even from a young age. I’m a black belt in taekwondo (started when I was 4) and played soccer in high school.

What does ‘self love’ mean to you?

SR: Loving yourself for who you are with all your flaws. It means loving yourself at your lowest, picking yourself back up and continuing living. It means you’re always expanding, always progressing and always bettering yourself. It’s falling in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, body and spirit.

What’s the story behind “Never Yours”?

SR: It’s inspired by a time in my life when I was younger. The situation:  you just got dumped and are feeling low but are picking yourself back up and playing Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” on repeat. The type of woman who is sassy, loves herself, explores new things and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She is “never yours.”

What new projects are brewing for Samii Ryan? Swimwear anytime soon?

SR: Yes! We’re always building and living in the future with so many releases coming up within the next year! I can’t wait to show you what’s coming out soon. The next couple drops include side bags, hoodies, bags, hats and more. Stay tuned!

What’s something very few know about Samii Ryan?

SR: I used to act. I was in “Blue Valentine” with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The week we filmed the movie was the same week my family pre booked a vacation as my graduation gift. I decided not to go on the vacation to film in King of Prussia. Since everyone left for the vacation “for me,” no one was at my gradation. Instead, they were on their way to the islands.

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