You are one of over seven billion people on this planet. How do you stand out against the rest? What makes you, you?

Imagine you are standing at the end of an unfinished road. Behind you is the constructed pavement: dented with a few potholes here and there, but, nevertheless, still a clear pathway. However, in front of you lies a tumultuous terrain with no foreseeable trail. It is up to you to continue building this road. Where and how you want to make it is completely within your control.

A legacy is not something you have, but rather it’s the road you build and leave behind. It is how you are remembered once your body is no longer confined to space and time. Like a fingerprint, your legacy is unique to you. No two are identical as it is shaped by your actions and the connections you establish in your life. This is where quality supersedes quantity. Shift your attention away from follower count and the number of zeroes on your paycheck. Focus on remaining present and sustaining sincere intention with every decision you make. Legacy built upon disingenuous fabrications of your identity is not a legacy at all. Stay true to yourself.

Along with the gift of human consciousness comes the responsibility of individuality. What matters is what you do as an individual and how that impacts the lives around you. Are you leaving a positive impression? How do your actions contribute to the evolution of our planet? A legacy is the remembrance of an individual within our collective memory. People will always remember how you made them feel, the connection between. What you do today influences your future. What you do today shapes who you are. What you do today affects the world around you. What you do today builds your legacy.

It is important to acknowledge that legacies aren’t built alone, but together. It is a process of reciprocity. From your soul, words and actions create connections, connections invoke emotion, emotion manifests meaning, meaning engraves memory, and that memory is attached to your words and actions. Whenever the memory of you is revived within someone else’s mind, new life is breathed into your spirit and that is how your soul lives on. This is a legacy. Your legacy.

- Julia Eunji Choi -

Raylene Pereyra