Venus In Retrograde

Fall season is now in full swing, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from all the tweets regarding “sweater weather,” and the all the fall themed drinks at Starbucks. Although the weather in California hasn’t quite received the hint yet, the stars have. We are now welcoming Venus in Retrograde!

Venus does not fully go into retrograde until October 5th, but I’m sure you’ve been noticing an intensity in your love life recently. Whether that is positive or negative, it’s there.

For most of us, Venus in retrograde will be a tricky time for your relationship. Venus is the planet that rules over love, relationships, marriage, money, and compassion. Since it is retrograding, it’s moving in reverse motion. You’ll probably be noticing a lot of shocking celebrity splits in the media this month, or simply in our own home.

If your relationship is in an insecure place already, buckle up and prepare for a trying month. You may notice yourself or your partner becoming irritated over the slightest things. Pace yourself when you get annoyed at your partner, since you will realize later that you were overreacting. When someone you love gets hostile with you this month, don’t antagonize the situation, as you will look back later and wish you hadn’t.

You may suddenly find yourself reverting back to your old patterns with past relationships or constantly reminding yourself of how things used to be. Although it can be a positive thing to compare the past with your present, don’t let yourself get lost in this. During this month, you should attempt to keep moving forward and not allow passion to override your logic.

Finances may be in trouble this month, as well, since Venus is the ruling planet of money and wealth. Don’t let this frighten you! Stay on track when things start to get confusing. We are all able to power through trying times and continue prospering. If you find that your relationships start to get in the way of work and preoccupy too much of your thoughts, take a breather for the day. Put your phone down, stay home, or really focus at work. It will clear your head to keep yourself distracted with physical things, rather than emotional.

A positive factor about Venus in Retrograde, is that you will start to realize who really cares about you, at the end of the day. This period can shine some interesting light on the people who never really had your best interests in mind. You shouldn’t react to these things drastically and cause a fight, but be able to distance yourself from any toxic relationships.

Venus will be in retrograde until October 31st (Halloween!), so stay strong throughout any turmoil that may enter your life for this short period of time. You can really look into yourself this month, and ask yourself some important questions. Is your relationship healthy? Does the person you love have your best interests in mind? Are you doing everything you can to keep your finances in order?

Come November, hopefully, we will have realized our strengths in regards to our emotions, and have been able to work out some bothersome kinks in our life. Even successful people need to take a step back and evaluate the little things.

— Sarah Curr —

Raylene Pereyra