5 Sun-Safe Tips Other than Sunscreen: Coachella Edition

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1. Shady Style

A classic sun hat's timeless flare will never go out of style. Seal your Coachella-studded outfit with a Free People floppy hat to keep sunburns at bay and sunbeams out of your eyes.



2. Sheer Cover

Show some skin and keep cover with a sheer throw-over to highlight a bralet, crop or body chains underneath while elongating your skin’s youthful, healthy glow. We think Victoria Secret’s Floral Kimono Top screams Coachella!



3. Big Sunnies

Throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses to protect harsh UV rays from damaging eyes while enjoying your favorite artists perform at golden hour! One of our favorites are from Gigi Hadid’s Vogue eyewear collection.



4. Keep calm and Zinka On

Step up your skincare game to a whole new level with Zinka’s zinc-based sunscreen and access your inner warrior with colors ranging from metallic silver to ocean blue to fuschia pink. Apply to cheekbones, nose and even paint on Coachella-style designs on your arms, shoulders and legs.



5. In the Buff

Channel your inner pirate or “Survivor” player with Buff’s multifunctional headwear that transforms from headwrap to headband to scarf with hundreds of patterns to choose from while keeping you sun safe!


--Written by Angelina Lewis

Raylene Pereyra