Bare Thoughts 029

Time is precious. It either slips through widespread fingers like sand or slowly drizzles out of a jar like honey. Time has a sense of humor. You plan, prepare and look forward to a future moment just to have it shattered like glass on tile floor.

Time teaches us to live in the moment––in the now. Not to dwell in past fears or future anxieties. To treat people with kindness. To love others with our whole selves. To make every hello genuine and every goodbye heartfelt.

Time is harsh, as it does not allow for do-overs, second chances or instant replays. It remains mysterious, careful not to reveal what’s next. Time wears on people. Discourages. Pressures. Dictates. Rushes. Without looking back to ensure you’re keeping up.

But then Time does something beautiful: it heals. Time strengthens, mending broken hearts until they are strong enough to love again. It restores, fitting shattered pieces back together into something magically whole. It brings people together and distances them all at once. Like a whirlwind. Unapologetic.

But once the wound heals, we learn to cherish every moment. To think before we speak. To refrain from hurting loved ones, because the feeling is all too familiar. To be patient with others. And with ourselves. To never wish days away, because time doesn’t abide by our wishes. It has its own hidden clock.

Each day becomes more meaningful and intentional. Days stop being days and start being moments. And those moments are endless. And that, essentially, is where happiness lies––not within accomplishments, achievements, promotions or even milestones, but in the tiny unnoticed moments. Where you find yourself smiling, laughing, sharing and soaking up each second like sunshine. Where you find yourself truly at peace with Time.

And only then, can you become the master of your own clock.

Stay Nude.


-Angelina Lewis


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