Tattoo Artist of the Month: Sou


This month we're featuring one of our favorite tattoo artists - Sou. She is based in South Korea and travels all around the world but while she was in Los Angeles, we had to sit down with her to hear her story. Specializing in blackwork tattooing, Sou is an artist that people would fight to be tattooed by. Check out our interview with her below while at Black Diamond Tattoo Shop in Venice.

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How long ago did you start tattooing?

Sou: 4 years.


How did you find your style and how has it changed since you started?

Sou:  I was inspired by black-work artists, so  I studied them until I was happy with my style. Before that, I tried everything from traditional, to neo-traditional, and anything I could do.


How do you express your creative side through work?

Sou:  I strive to make beautiful art, instead of trying to be creative all the time. I am trying to find balance in my art.


If you weren’t tattooing what would you be doing instead?

Sou: Sculpture.


What’s your biggest vice?

Sou: I like to drink.


Do you remember the first tattoo you ever gave?

Sou:  It was a half-black half-red peace sign on my old boyfriend, that I wish I could forget.


What are the differences between tattooing in LA and South Korea?

Sou: Tattooing in Korea is very different than America. In America, people trust me a lot more with placement, size, and composition. I have to be more careful with Korean people for many reasons. Tattooing is illegal in Korea, which makes it logistically more difficult. We tattoo either in downstairs rooms or rooms with no windows. We use a camera on the door to verify who my clients are.

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Raylene Pereyra