Bare Thoughts 032

Your life is a collection of you, every smile, heartbeat, breath of fresh air, and every choice you make all play a part in who you are right in this moment.

Our world is a collection of us all, the good, bad, downright ugly, and the peace found in the strangest of places. One thing we all share in common, is time.

Time snakes its way through the very fabric of our world in a myriad of unseen ways. A force so powerful, none can resist its might, and yet there is beauty in its mystery. If you look closely, you can see its glorious influence everywhere, time showing its hand.

Nature is a great secret holder of time, elegant in its embrace. So welcome that gust of wind dancing in your hair, for it has traveled a great distance to join you in that moment. Wind reaching forward to sing a tune for trees to sway and for birds to soar is one of nature’s benefits of such. Seasons bring it to the eye, when nature transforms in unison with time, a flourish of green, then to bare. Beauty and destruction are time’s most devoted servants, bringing both life and death.

It’s a gift to be aware of time and all its mystery, for it is not to be feared or rejected. Let it embrace you and try to understand how truly magnificent it is to be in the wrapped in its plans.

We hold differing ways of how we can tell time, such as scars, memories, haircuts, and tattoos, there is never a shortage of methods to tell how much has past, or how long is ahead. Treasure the span of your life and all the moments, for time has gifted them to you.


Savannah Burton Egbert

Raylene Pereyra