Model Spotlight: Jazzelle Zanaughtti

Jazzelle Zanaughtti Goes Worldwide

With a new ad campaign for ASOS, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, also known as @uglyworldwide on Instagram, takes on multiple identities as she cycles through a wide range of bold and eccentric looks. And, let me be the first to say, she looks damn good in every single one of them. Her ability to inhabit different characters comes as no shock if you’ve caught even a glimpse of her natural style. Unafraid to be herself within the rigidity of the fashion modeling industry, Zanaughtti rocks a bleach blonde buzz cut with shaved eyebrows and skin that looks smoother than a baby’s bottom, giving off enviable, out-of-this-world alien vibes. With her unshakeable confidence and irreplicable style, it’s no wonder she’s becoming one of today’s most sought-after models.

After finishing high school in Detroit, Zanaughtti took a leap of faith and moved to Chicago where she met four drag queens who took her under their wings. From there, she began performing in drag and learned how to fully embrace her uniqueness amongst an open and loving community. Eventually, Zanaughtti’s creative persona caught the eye of Nick Knight, the world-renowned fashion photographer behind Expressing his desire to work with her via Instagram, Zanaughtti was flown out to London to meet Knight and shoot for the iconic Japanese label, Comme des Garçons. What a way to start your modeling career!

Despite never having aspirations for a career in fashion, the androgynous model shows no signs of stopping as she was recently featured in Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show at this year’s New York Fashion Week. With a growing online following and mainstream recognition, she is becoming a familiar face on billboards and magazine covers, but she isn’t letting that change who she is. Committed to her own unapologetic authenticity and unconventional beauty, Jazzelle Zanaughtti serves as a reminder that no one should ever compromise who they are and being true to yourself is the only thing that matters.

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- Julia Eunji Choi -

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