Young and Powerful: CC Miles

Some individuals like to claim, “Music is my life.” However, for 17 year old CC Miles, who for more than half of her life has worked on her craft as a recording artist and has attended singing lessons since she was five, music is quite literally her life. CC Miles is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, upcoming pop artist who has an enormous talent for making music and an overt passion for artistic creation. If you aren’t familiar with CC Miles’ music, she has a sound similar to powerful feminist pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson – within no time, we will be seeing CC join the ranks along with these talented women.

CC currently has two full length EP’s and one album out; less than a month ago, CC released her newest single “I Can’t Kiss Boys At Parties”. In a recent interview with Teen Music Insider, CC describes the meaning of her song as “Feeling lonely even in a crowded room” and defines the dynamic of her new song as “An interesting way of saying ‘I’m not over you.’” Her latest album, Almost, is jam-packed with perfectly crafted lyricism and fun, upbeat melodies that when combined together, compel you to (loudly) sing your lungs out to the lyrics. In her song “I Still Care,” from her most recent album, CC Miles sings about the anguish of unwanted feelings of love and the torment of still caring about someone that you no longer wish to care for. CC does an excellent job conveying her emotions through her crafted imagery and hard-hitting metaphors as a songwriter with notable lyrics such as, “Just trying to feel what I felt with you with him” and “I burned the bridges but the ashes are still in my hands.”

A personal favorite of ours is her song “There’s More” which is a perfect anthem for dealing with the hardships of growing up while sending a strong message about self-empowerment. The song jabs at the realities of life and the idea of relative happiness as CC explains “We think people live these perfect lives. We don’t, we’re just good at lying. We’re obsessed with perfection and changing our reflection” and reminds young girls to stay grounded in reality, not allowing the growing forced ideals of beauty standards to diminish their own self-worth. She writes, “Maybe if they loved you, you’d love yourself too. But that's a catch 22, if you can’t do it don’t expect someone else to.” Which serves as a wonderful reminder for her fans to always remember: embrace who you are, and fall in love with yourself first before you try to fall in love with somebody else. Her perfect flow, paired with a powerful message, just goes to show the excellence of CC Miles’ artistry.

CC Miles’ consistent themes of self-love, increased inner-confidence and female empowerment display how she embodies the nature of power pop. She serves as an influential, positive and iconic role model for young people by reminding them to not only follow their dreams, but also work hard to achieve them. We highly recommend giving CC Miles a listen! You can check out her music here.

Sunny Sangha


Raylene Pereyra