Young and Powerful: CRAY

CRAY, Cheney Ray, Dick Cheney, Canadian Trap Queen – whatever you call her, don’t call her crazy. Originally known for her popular tracks “Indigo,” “1UP,” and “Fortune,” CRAY has since shifted her sound from a popular trap vibe, to genre-blending bangers that would intrigue the ears of indie electronic, pop, and dance fans. Nowadays you can catch her dropping vibey dance anthems, including her newest track “Isn’t it,” that seem to wiggle their way through your headphones and parade around your head for days. Amassing almost 200,000 followers on Spotify, supplemented by her equally as large following on Instagram, it would be an understatement to say that she is still “on the rise”.

Originating from Vancouver, Canada, Cheney Ray traveled to Southern California to pursue her aspirations in producing music. Alongside her passion for deep sub kicks and electro synths, she can be found live streaming on Twitch playing her favorite video game or flaunting her latest outfit. Her mother, who played a huge part in her daughter’s sense of fashion being a designer, refers to Cheney as an “original” due to her carefree nature and ability to be uninfluenced by others. That’s exactly what you experience when listening to CRAY’s music. Her effortless and carefree personality shines through in her music, clearly influencing her artistic versatility and providing a refreshing angle on the already oversaturated electronic scene.

At the young age of 26, CRAY has already accumulated an impressive track record of performances including opening for Skrillex’s 2018 tour in Japan, HARD Summer, Voodoo, Electric Zoo, and the list only continues to grow.  On June 7th, CRAY can be found ripping apart the stage at Splash House, an electronic based music festival taking place in Palm Springs. We greatly encourage you to dive into her music below and experience it live at the hottest pool party happening this summer. Mark our words, the Canadian Trap Queen will transcend her current title of “opener” to “festival headliner” in no time.

Photos: Nikko Lamere

Written by Timothy Hansen

Raylene Pereyra