Diary Day 3: Audiophile

I love music. It’s as simple as that.

For me, music has been my own personal therapy. It has the ability of grabbing a hold of my emotions and opening the space for me to embrace them. By some magical coincidence, I am able to find a song that reflects exactly how I’m feeling. The mood of the song envelops me, and, when I close my eyes, I transcend from my body into the limitless universe inside my mind. Everything feels right in the world and I don’t feel so alone.

Music is a soul-baring art form. Many artists wear their hearts on their sleeves as they transform their innermost thoughts into the beautiful masterpieces we consume through our ears. It’s such a unique connection: without ever meeting, the shared emotions and experiences become the string that ties us together. The instrumentation sets the scene and builds the atmosphere while the lyrics become the conversation between us. Paying attention to each layer of production, I try to focus on every little detail, every little nuance as I engrave the song within my memory. Our souls are intertwined as they dance with each other through the soundscape manifested in our minds.

Through their art, I can connect with the artists I so deeply admire. Through their art, I can validate my own feelings and experiences. Through their art, I am reminded of what it means to be human. Through their art, I realize the endless possibilities of the universe.

It’s become a necessary part of my life and has shaped the way I live my life. Whether it’s to feel good or to help me through a tough time, music has become an essential pillar of how I connect with myself and the world around me.

Needless to say, I thank all the stars in the sky that Spotify exists.

- Julia Eunji Choi -

Raylene Pereyra