Do's and Don'ts for Dating

Dating Advice For Guys

There are so many things wrong about the dating world in Los Angeles. It seems that no one has standards anymore, and if someone does, they are shamed for it. It is considered embarrassing to demand respect from the person you are dating or looking to date. This has a lot to do with our culture of swiping right on a dating app or sending, “ur hot,” through a direct message on Instagram to get someone’s attention. There is no effort in those actions; it is so easy to meet potential lovers.

If you haven’t already noticed, as many of us have, dating has become a desert of wasted time and disappointment. Some people are lucky enough to find a genuine human being right away, and the rest of us struggle for a very long time just to make solid friendships. It is simply too easy to move onto the next person, who doesn’t expect extra effort, because they’re too exhausted to care anymore.

If you’re like me, and everything mentioned in the above paragraphs makes you cringe, I’ve compiled a list of vital information for creating a lasting and meaningful relationship with someone you actually have feelings for. This list mainly applies to the boys.


● If you’ve been talking to a girl for over a week, and you guys have been flirty--ask her out already. I guarantee she’s wondering why you haven’t. I think I can speak for all women, when I say it is pretty lame if a guy takes multiple weeks to finally ask to see you in person.

● Don’t ask her out if you don’t really like her. You’ve met her before, whether in person, online, whatever. You obviously know if a real attraction is there or not. Let’s not play games. Don’t waste her time.

● Do not ask a girl out same-day. This is so rude and shows you are assuming she has no schedule. It also shows that you were bored that day, or had no plans, so you are last-minute wanting to see her.

● Do not show up late. Why would you leave someone waiting on you, for plans that YOU made? Show some respect and take the extra time to show up when you said you would.

● If you “accidentally” stand her up, obviously apologize and try to make it up to her. But honestly, you should just give up, because that is disgusting.

● Do not show up empty handed. Your mom should have taught you this. It doesn’t matter what you bring; flowers, a teddy bear, candy, etc. It takes you two seconds to stop by the store on your way and pick something up. Leave earlier if you have to, so you’re not late.

● Don’t try to kiss a girl on the first date. In my opinion, it’s pretty weird to be macking on someone you just met, in public. I don’t like this at all, and I wish it was normal for guys to wait and find out if she even wants to see you again. If she makes the first move, great. If not, assume she’s not ready.


● If you decide to ask a girl on a date, it needs to be in advance, and you better be there on time. You should already know how unprofessional it is to be late.

● You should always pick her up. Car, uber, borrow your friends car, whatever. This leaves out the anxiety for her that you won’t show up to a meeting spot, and she’ll be left there like an idiot waiting for you. It’s also just chivalrous and polite.

● Walk up to her door. If you’re the type of guy who texts the girl on any occasion to say “Come outside, I’m here,” you should be ashamed of yourself. Really. I don’t care how long you’ve been dating, get your ass out of the car and walk up to the door to get her. If a guy had done something like that in high school, when I lived with either of my parents, they literally would not have let me go on the date.

● Open the car door for her. This is another basic rule your mom should have taught you. If she didn’t, then she must’ve been a bad mom. Oops.

● Pay for the meal. Unless dinner was absolute shit and you two obviously hate each other, you better be paying for the food, Chad.

I don’t care what anyone says about these “dating stereotypes.” I believe them to be signs of a mature man, who is already proving to you what he is capable of bringing to the table. If 90% of these rules haven’t been abided by on the first date, it is safe to assume he will never respect you anymore than that.

Maybe I’ll be the last person on Earth who dies thinking this way, but it’s some damn good advice, ladies and gentlemen.

-Sarah Curr-

Raylene Pereyra