Young and Powerful: Leo Mandella

Heavy lies the head that wears the crown – especially when that crown is Gucci. At the young age of 17, Leo Mandella aka @gullyguyleo is not only setting fashion trends but is ultimately becoming one. Standing at the helm of streetwear influence, the fashion aficionado can be found draped head to toe in rare Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Vetements, and just about every other high fashion brand you can think of.

It wasn’t always fame and fits for young Leo. Growing up in the streets of Warwickshire, England, Leo had to use his ingenuity and creativity to grow his identity in an area where streetwear truly had little to no presence. His persistence and determination to display his taste to the world eventually grew him to over 725,000 followers on Instagram and a demand to front campaign launches of various brands including Converse, Represent and Almost Always.

Not everyone appreciates the Gully as much as the NUDE. team does however. Declared by many as a “culture vulture” that is family funded, much of the online community would rather take shots at the fashion guru than drool over his “OOTD”. But, they aren’t taking into account the work that it’s taken for him to accumulate his vast collection of designer clothes. His entrepreneurial skills of buying and reselling pieces has enabled him to climb the social ladder and secure a spot for his name in streetwear fame. Whether you hate or love him, you cannot deny that he is extremely influential in his own lane. 

At the end of the day, who really decides what’s hot and what’s not? Who is not only pinpointing the hottest fashion trends, but blazing a trail of their own and schooling the streets on the ins and outs of streetwear? The youth. This generation is providing a fresh scope on an already established set of streetwear guidelines. We believe that self-expression through an individual’s style is one of the simplest yet purest forms of creativity. We can only hope for more individuals like Leo to showcase their style and continue changing the fashionscape we are currently inhabiting. 

Written by Timothy Hansen