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It’s officially the first day of summer, where beach parties, bon fires and barbecues are in full swing, and local tequila company Los Sundays (@los_sundays) knows just how to kick off any get together. Based on the foundation of quality, Los Sundays brings us three carefully curated summer drinks that are light on the calories and cool for the summer.


Strawberry Fields

Turn on the Beatles and sip on Strawberry Fields forever. Mixologist and bartender Zack Ricks (@zaricks) spills his recipes so you can recreate the smoothest drink out there. Perfect for a summer pool party, Grand Marnier, Strawberry Shrub and a few dashes of habanero bitters and cracked black pepper garnish give the Løs Sundays Reposado a spicy kick.


Prep it:

1.    2 oz Løs Sundays Reposado

2.    ½ oz Grand Marnier

3.    1 oz Strawberry shrub

4.    2 dashes habanero bitters


Recreate it:

1.    Combine ingredients in shaker

2.    Shake vigorously

3.    Strain into coupe glass

4.    Garnish with fresh cracked black pepper


Blueberry Besøs  

After sunset, add a flush of color to your lips with each sip of Los Sundays Blueberry Besøs. Muddled blueberries and mint give just enough zest when mixed with Løs Sundays Blanco, Cassis Liqueur, elderflower liqueur and lime juice. Mint boosts the immune system and aids in digestion, while blueberries add a hint of low glycemic sweetness.


Prep it:

1.    20 oz Løs Sundays Blanco

2.    ½ oz Cassis Liqueur

3.    ½ oz elderflower liqueur

4.    ½ oz lime Juice

5.    3-5 fresh mint leaves

6.    8-10 fresh blueberries


Recreate it:

1.    Muddle blueberries + mint in a shaker

2.    Add ingredients; shake vigorously

3.    Strain over ice

4.    Garnish with blueberries + mint sprig



Viva Løs Paloma

Freshly squeezed grapefruit and lime combined with Løs Sundays Blanco, Aperol and a splash of sparkling water combat the summer heat with their zesty fizz. Grapefruit promotes high fat burning and is rich with antioxidants. Garnish with a twisted grapefruit peel to up your presentation.


Prep it:

1.    2 oz Løs Sundays Blanco

2.    ¾ oz Aperol

3.    ½ oz lime juice

4.    1 oz grapefruit juice

5.    Splash of sparkling water


Recreate it:

1.    Combine ingredients into shaker

2.    Strain over ice

3.    Finish with sparkling water

4.    Garnish with grapefruit twist


Travel Far. Eat local. Stay NUDE.


Written by Angelina Lewis

Raylene Pereyra