MUA Spotlight: Mollie Gloss

With almost nine years of professional experience under her belt, Mollie Akhavan, better known as Mollie Gloss, is no stranger to the world of beauty and makeup. While her gravitation towards bright colors and glossy finishes is undeniable, she is no one-trick pony. The sheer creative genius exhibited through each individual look is breathtaking and Gloss manages to constantly reinvent her art and produce unique looks that break the traditional mold.

Much of Gloss’s work spotlights the eyes with vibrant rainbow hues that are impeccably blended out and topped with healthy doses of glitter, reminiscent of the disco era. Despite the intensity of colors used, the makeup never looks too heavy as the contrast of light and shadow brings a dynamic depth to the eyes. What makes the eyes stand out is Gloss’s attention to the model’s natural eye shape. She never forces a certain look but rather molds her vision to the natural, irreplicable beauty of her canvas, and, as a result, the model and the makeup become two matching puzzle pieces.

Her portfolio also seamlessly includes a heavy presence of fresh and clean looks that promote glowing and dewy skin. Unlike today’s popular obsession with heavy contouring, a round, healthy plumpness becomes the focus of Gloss’s go-to face, accompanied by subtle hints of blush and generous strokes of glossy highlighter. With a clientele that’s inclusive of all skin tones, Gloss often opts for lighter coverage that allows the skin to breathe and respects the natural color and texture of the model.

It’s clear that Mollie Gloss has found her trademark style. Unafraid of eclectic color and high-shine gloss, she is committed to creating looks that are works of art themselves. She has found the secret to balancing artistic creativity while still maintaining the natural beauty of the model. It’s not merely someone wearing makeup but the two become married and delicately blend into one. With Gloss’s incredible skill, it’s no wonder she’s become the go-to artist of Ravyn Lenae and a collaborator with Nike and Glossier. Mollie Gloss’s client list keeps growing and she shows no signs of stopping as she continues to refine her craft and produce one-of-a-kind looks.

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- Julia Eunji Choi -

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