Artist Spotlight: Polo and Pan


Throughout the years, the metamorphosis of music has undoubtedly produced some of the most unique sounds to ever grace the frequencies picked up by human ears. When it comes to dance music, as most music aficionados are aware, Europe has blazed trails that other countries haven’t yet dreamed of exploring. One of our favorite European artists making tsunami size waves in the industry is French duo Polo and Pan. Comprised of Paul Armand-Delille (Polocorp) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Peter Pan), the two arranged after meeting each other at the famous Parisian club Le Baron, where they each were performing solo acts. The eclectic, yet captivating combo can be heard not only blending numerous genres including jazz and electronic, but human cultures as well. While we clearly hear their French roots intertwined throughout their discography, the boys choose to transport the listeners around the world with exotic instrumentation and foreign vocals. Sounds of a vintage Italian record from the 1930’s can be placed in one of their youngest tracks “Rivolta,” the track that started the duo as we know them now.

Influenced by fellow French electronic legends such as Daft Punk and Justice, one can easily foresee just how revolutionary Polo and Pan are striving to be. In 2017, they dropped their iconic album, Caravelle, which featured a handful of instant classics that will forever go down in musical history. “Canopée,” which features a beautifully strummed acoustic guitar dubbed over by sensual French vocals paints a vivid image of the beaches in the South of France. The track has stood as a landmark for the duo and has received recognition by some of the world’s biggest musicians including Selena Gomez who openly praised it via Instagram. After tallying over 110 million streams on the certified “chef d'oeuvre” or masterpiece of an album, Polocorp and Peter Pan spent the next couple years touring the world and performing sold out shows in the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, and North America.

Photos by: Juliette Abitbol and Barrere & Simon

Presently, Polo and Pan have transformed their sound once again on their new EP Gengis, the single-titled project that features four different versions of the same track including remixes by fellow artists Asa Moto and Red Axes. On P&P’s take of their own monstrous festival banger, the repetitive thud of tribal-esque drums complemented with the sound of psychedelic flutes creates a one-of-kind sonically induced experience that guarantees to put you in a trance. The song is a seven minute big room house track featuring an ancient rhythm with a funky touch of voodoo, while truly showcasing their originality and versatility. 

With a relentless drive to give the world a chance to see their music live, the duo has put together a fairly heavy touring schedule, with the U.S. being the next stop. For those of you reading this in the San Diego area, Polo and Pan will be performing this weekend (September 28th and 29th) at the Waterfront Park for CRSSD Festival. The festival has established itself as one of the West Coast's most avant-garde music events, with everything from Techno, House, live music, and R&B. It's also regarded as a more mature music festival with its 21 plus requirement while offering craft beer, a full sushi/saki bar, gourmet food vendors, and a complete mixology program.

When asked about their unique relationship and the differences between each other's personalities, the two replied, “We are a bipolar entity constantly compensating for the other’s mood swings. Like two unstable atoms floating around who find a strong molecular structure when combined” (via The Kollection). The chemistry between the two is evident and the proof is displayed throughout their collection. With the release of their latest EP and their current adventure in touring the U.S., we still find ourselves desperately asking, “What’s next for Polo and Pan?”

Written by Timothy Hansen

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