RD$: a Yin and Yang story

Animalistic, explosive and raw – these are the first few words that come to mind when discussing RD$. Comprised of J Luce and Scaai, the two can be heard ripping through electronically engineered beats, courtesy of their producer Ryan Cole. Whether it’s a high energy, trunk-rattling banger or an eerie low-fi chiller, these boys clearly display their level of versatility on every single track.

Not for the faint of heart, most of RD$’s discography is unapologetically dark, with undertones of real life lessons and experiences. The duo touches on topics including the lifestyle of troubled artists, dealing with the expectations of your parents/peers, and the fan favorite theme of emasculating “the next guy”. The listener receives a very real and genuine connection to the stories, while at the same bobbing their head uncontrollably to their seductive flows.

In an interview we had with the two, J claimed “We both had a common interest and as a result, we decided to turn it into a career. Scaai and I are like a physical embodiment of the Yin and Yang. There's a sort of duality between us, and one cannot exist without the other.” We couldn’t agree more, in fact we sense the same connection between the boys that we feel when listening to older iconic rap duos such as Outkast. The synchronicity of their individual styles is unparalleled by any modern day rap duo. J Luce’s aggressive delivery of bars paired with Scaai’s ability to string together a melodic chorus truly makes their relationship one of a kind.

RD$ epitomizes the creative talent that we search for and showcase at NUDE. If you’ve never heard of them, we highly recommend you give their music a listen on Soundcloud and be sure to check out our full interview with the boys below. Mark our words, the Reno based duo will flip the hip hop industry on its head, one mic at time.

Raylene Pereyra