Relish In What You Cherish

Cherish is a verb. It’s less about the object of adoration and more about the act of cherishing itself. Whether it’s a small trinket, a place from your childhood, a loving partner, or even that warm feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. To cherish something is to have a meaningful connection with it. Not only does it have a special place in your heart but it adds color to your life. Others may appreciate the same things as you, but how and why they are precious to you is special and distinct. You bestow value upon the things you hold near and dear, making them both unequivocally timeless and priceless.

How do you cherish something? Let’s be real here, we don’t go walking around, thinking to ourselves, “Oh, I like this! I’m gonna start cherishing it!” At times it’s difficult to explain why you cherish something so deeply because it manifests as a gut feeling that often cannot be translated through words. It happens on the subconscious level where a metaphysical connection is forged and nestled between heartwarming memories. As you grow, that irreplaceable bond continues to evolve and symbolize all the good that’s out there in the world.

A foolproof remedy to a bad day is reminding yourself of what’s important to you. From time to time, we forget about what we cherish. Life gets busy and we start to lose sight of what brings joy into our lives. But all it takes is one tiny little spark to open the floodgates, release the ocean of memories, and revive that deep-seated connection. Appreciating what holds value in your life not only honors the recipients of your affection but also reciprocates into self-love. The memories and emotions attached to what you most treasure are an integral part of who you are. Allowing yourself to relish in what you cherish is a way to cherish yourself in all your unadulterated glory.

Julia Eunji Choi


Raylene Pereyra