Sav Noir: Gucci Goth

Sav Noir is for everyone. Edwin Haynes, founder of the brand has carefully crafted his clothing line with the sole motivation being the euro-goth scene of the 1980’s, a scene developed by the audience of gothic rock. Noir’s aesthetic is a blend of chic yet dark fabrics, creating an all new take on the subculture’s original look.

Currently, Haynes’ new collection features an all too familiar brand, Gucci. The collaboration’s motivation is to “reconstruct a corporate brand” and to “reinvent it through a black man’s eye from the underground.” A controversial move to say the least considering the fact that Gucci has been under scrutiny since the release of their blackface-esque sweater back in February.

With full support from the NUDE. team, we hope to see Sav Noir’s Gucci Goth recreate and revolutionize the fashion world. Be sure to check out the photos of the new collection below. Scheduled showroom appointments available at UNDERPIN PR.

Written by Timothy Hansen

Shot by : Anthony Wilson

Hair by : Meghan Harrington

Make Up : Sydney Rose Levitt