A Letter to the Sexes.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to women on behalf of men worldwide that continue to poison the relationship between the opposing sexes, by harassing and imposing our unsolicited sexual nature. Now by no means do I call myself a feminist, nor am I trying to portray the “white knight” to come and rescue the damsel in distress. I am only speaking on a topic that strikes very close to home and one I watch take place every day with my own girlfriend.

What kind of world do we occupy when women can’t walk down the street in an outfit that they feel beautiful in, without being catcalled or gawked at, especially when they see a man strutting right next to them (does anyone believe in guy code anymore?) Or how about when they can’t workout without being approached by a juiced up gym rat that wants to “simply help correct their form” and proceed to put his hands in places where they don’t belong. A man should never have to wipe the tears from his girlfriend’s (let alone any woman’s) face because she feels taken advantage of or unsafe by an unfamiliar male.

I believe it is it the man’s duty to protect his female counterpart, but how are we supposed to when dudes are practically chomping at the bits of our ladies? Should we be worried every time we watch the woman of our dreams walk out the door alone and fear that her safety is out of our control? As long as this despicable behavior continues, women will only become increasingly uninterested in members of the opposite sex. The repercussions of our actions as men is only further damaging our chances of a fair shot with a potential lover.

A major misconception about sexual harassment is that it is a women’s issue. This is an atrocity of an idea to engage in and push to the masses for it highlights the outcome and not the root of the problem. To chalk it up as simply a women’s issue gives men a reason to not pay any attention and averts any sort of lesson to be learned. I’m not saying that men aren’t sexually harassed as well, but the numbers are far more staggering when examining cases reported by women, which are predominantly executed by men.

The worst part of it all is most guys don’t realize what they’re doing is gross, to say the absolute least. I understand that as men we feel as though it is our duty to court the woman we are interested in, but we’re going about it all wrong. We need to implement a fundamental change in our approach that puts an emphasis on respect first; respect in the way we speak to/about them and without a doubt, respect for any relationship they’re in.

To my fellow bros reading this piece, I encourage you to help lead the conversation on reversing the mentality we currently have deeply rooted in our cultural subconscious. Learn from the statistics and stories of women who experience this tragedy multiple times a day. Strive to be the person you would let your own kin go out on a date with. Strive to set yourself apart from the neanderthals. Strive to be a better man.

- Timothy Hansen

Raylene PereyraComment