Upgrade Labs: How to Become Superhuman

With a newly christened facility in Beverly Hills, Upgrade Labs is revolutionizing how we approach health and fitness through the pioneering technologies of biohacking. Now, what the heck is biohacking, you may ask? Not to be redundant, but it’s exactly what it sounds like: hacking your body’s biology. The main goal at Upgrade Labs is to improve your health from the inside out. It’s about understanding how your body functions down to the cellular level, learning what it needs to stay balanced, and providing the necessary components to not only nurture your body but also “upgrade” it to the next level.

While perusing through their website and taking a gander at the different services they offer, I got quite intimidated. Cryotherapy chambers? Red infrared light beds? Ozone chambers? IV therapy? It was the stuff of superhero movies! Everything seemed too high-tech and intense for a lazy gal like me, and, frankly, I was skeptical that this was all another gimmicky fitness craze. As someone who rarely visits the gym, I was nervous going into Upgrade Labs as I imagined their regular clientele to be ultra fit and healthy athletes. Fortunately, I was proven wrong as I learned that a big part of their mission is to make these biohacking technologies widely accessible to anyone who has even the slightest of interests, and after visiting Upgrade Labs, I’ve become a believer.

Entering the facility, I was welcomed by the easygoing, friendly staff of “biohackers” who are incredibly knowledgeable about each service that is offered as well as thoroughly trained to guide you through your biohacking journey. Additionally, they are supported by an on-site team of health professionals and lab technicians to help hack your personal biology, quite literally, on the cellular level so you can heal and strengthen your body on the inside and achieve your optimal performance. Clients can also be assured that the services they are receiving are backed by years of research. In other words, this is legit.

Upgrade Labs is divided into two sections: strength and recovery. The strength lab is dedicated to physical fitness and training. Some of their machines include Cold HIIT (a high-intensity workout combining cooling and compression technologies), Carol (a stationary bike with A.I. that customizes your workout), and Pulse-Electronic-Magnetic-Field (PEMF, for short, technology that delivers electronic pulses to target and revitalize “low-charge” areas on the body). The objective of the strength lab isn’t necessarily to work harder but to skillfully manipulate your body’s natural processes in order to perform smarter and more efficiently.

The other focus of the Labs is on recovery, an often-neglected yet vital aspect of health and wellness. Whereas the strength lab felt like a training grounds for professional athletes, the recovery center looks like a luxurious spa from the future. This is where biohacking is used to replenish and revitalize your body. Each machine is designed to help heal the body from the inside out and catalyze the recovery processes. For example, Cryotherapy, a -220℉ chamber, aids in muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, increasing cognitive function, and releasing endorphins. While it is, admittedly, quite freezing, it is also incredibly invigorating and leaves you feeling invincible (plus you get to listen to your favorite tunes during your session). Another device is the RedCharger, a full-body bed of red and infrared LED lights that is purported to increase collagen production, decrease inflammation, and enhance mitochondrial function. Forty minutes with these lights will leave you feeling meditative, relaxed, and with an undeniable glow. With many other available technologies aimed to optimize your body’s natural healing mechanisms, the recovery lab has something for everyone.

Biohacking sounds super intense, but I promise it’s rather quite simple. It’s about getting in sync with your body and tending to its needs. After all, we’re given only one body, so why wouldn’t we want to treat it with the utmost care? Upgrade Labs abandons the “one-size-fits-all” mindset and instead customizes the experience to best suit your needs and goals. Literally. As part of your complimentary consultation, they conduct an in-body examination to assess your current physical state and design a compatible program of action. This includes measuring intracellular and extracellular water content, bone mass, brown and white fat content, muscle content, phase angle, and symmetry. It’s much more comprehensive than counting how many pounds on a scale because the priority isn’t in physical appearance but in the health of your cells.

Although the technology is indubitably a game-changer, what I was most impressed by was the staff at Upgrade Labs who create a warm and familial atmosphere. Not only do you get a customized biohacking experience, but you are welcomed into a community of friends. The trained biohackers are there with you every step of the way to guarantee your comfort and enjoyment as you “upgrade” your body and mind. What more can you ask for?

When all is said and done, the key to biohacking isn’t in the fancy technology, but it’s inside you. The secret to health is in listening to and reconnecting with your body, and Upgrade Labs is there to help you make that connection.

If you’re interested in learning more about Upgrade Labs, check out their website here.

Julia Eunji Choi


Raylene Pereyra