Young and Powerful: Yeha Leung

The rules of fashion don’t apply when it comes to Yeha Leung, the mastermind behind Creepyyeha. Based out of New York City, the innovative lingerie line is a two-person operation, run by Leung and her partner, Alejandro Lafontant, who customize each piece to the client’s exact measurements. Despite its growing popularity and high-profile clientele (ex: FKA twigs, Nicki Minaj, Kali Uchis, Cardi B), Creepyyeha has admirably remained an independent label, uninhibited by corporate interests and mainstream aesthetics. Unbothered by fashion do’s and don'ts, Leung allows her creativity to run free through her trademark designs.

Leung has always been enamored by the power of design to break status quo. She began creating garments of her own due to the lack of available clothing that fit her personal style, catalyzing her design career. Marrying the toughness of bondage with the softness of lingerie, Leung masters and embodies empowered femininity. There lies a sense of reciprocity in her designs: the lingerie silhouettes bring a familiar delicacy to notoriously rugged materials, like leather and metal, whereas the rigidness of the medium anchors the feminine shapes in strength and independence. Oftentimes modeling her own pieces, Leung styles monochromatic looks that range from bold red to gentle pastels, emphasizing the power of intentional simplicity. The craftsmanship behind every garment is impeccable. She takes the familiarity of an object and reimagines it into something totally new, exemplified by her classic Sui Bra which is structured with multi-buckled belts.

Beyond the artistry of her design, Leung also prioritizes her mission to empower every individual who wears her garments. She is driven by women who live and pursue their dreams unapologetically, aptly naming her pieces after the women who inspire her. By keeping the custom-made foundation of Creepyyeha, she breaks the restrictive and harmful assumption that lingerie is exclusive to certain body types. Leung sends the message that anybody and everybody should feel comfortable and powerful in their own body. It’s no wonder the young designer has garnered a loyal and growing audience.

Check out Yeha Leung’s work here.

- Julia Eunji Choi -

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